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Poop mutes are available for Violin and Viola. 3D printed and multi-layer airbrushed, each mute is individually handcrafted and comes in its own container with artificial grass! Fully functional with a specially designed clip. Horizontal printing layers are visible on the clip (ensuring it was 3D printed). Limited production - get yours now while supplies last. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

“It's not just a piece of S#%T, it’s a piece oF ART"

The Poop Mute

SKU: mute1000
  • The poop mute is not only funny but also a fully functional mute for your violin or viola. With its specially designed clip, check it out and you will notice a big difference in sound between the Poop mutes and other conventional mutes. A great item to buy for yourself or as gifts to students, families or friends.

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