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Violin and Viola Lessons


For local students taking Violin or Viola lessons in Glenn Naydan music studio in Beaverton, OR

45 min lesson

60 min lesson


Weekly lessons required.

Rate shown is per lesson/student

Tuition billed quarterly.

Monthly payment plan available



Glen & Ruicong after oncert

Glenn D Naydan offers violin & viola lessons with high levels of energy and an emphasis on motivating the student. As a result, they will learn about the importance of music.

His Violin & Viola lessons are for beginners through Advanced level students. He also helps students preparing for youth orchestral auditions.  As members of various orchestras, his vast orchestral repertoires knowledge is a great addition for his violin and viola lessons.

In his violin & viola lessons, Glenn D Naydan also stresses the balance of the incorporating scales, etudes and repertoires which are the three important elements to progress in learning the violin or viola.


Glen Naydan at his violin lesson
Glenn teaches Calais

Master Class Fee (for advanced students):

For out of state students taking Skype or online Violin & Viola lessons

Please contact Glenn for more information about out of state lesson fees.

60 min lesson


Ruicong'sViolin perfomanceat the NCSM Honor Student Concert
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