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Violin, Viola, and Mandolin

Glenn D. Naydan


"I used to play violin as a child, now I am retired and decided to start again.  As I was walking into a violin shop, I heard someone playing most beautifully... it was Glenn Naydan.  That's how I found both a good violin and a great teacher.  It was 3 years ago, and I've been taking violin lessons from Glenn ever since.  I could not have found a better teacher and nicer person, no wonder he is so loved by his students.  He is always so kind to and patient with me.  I haven't played violin for over 50 years, so I had to learn from scratch how to even hold the violin and the bow.  Now, with Glenn's encouragement, I am playing pieces I could never have dreamed of being able to play.  He pays great attention to practicing scales, developing fingering and bowing technique, and producing sound that is both powerful and expressive. Glenn plays violin masterfully, he studies nuances in performances of greatest violinists and is an exceptional violinist himself.  Glenn truly enjoys playing and teaching, and I always look forward to our next lesson.  I only wish I were a child again so that I had more time to learn. "

G. Smolovskaya - Los Gatos, CA


" As an adult violinist, I was looking for someone motivated and for someone who knew how to teach.

I took lessons from various teachers, but none as good as Glenn. Glenn is really good at motivating his students and in figuring out ways to help the students play better."

E. Kang - Mountain View, CA


" I have studied with Mr. Naydan for almost all of my music career. Not only is he kind and understanding but teaches you how to work hard and push you to your limits.  I would not be the violinist I am today if it wasn't for my teacher Mr. Glenn Naydan."

J. Hsiao - Cupertino, CA


Violin and Viola Lessons

Beaverton, OR


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